Save Wellesbourne Airfield

Many of you will know that Vulcan XM655 is kept at Wellesbourne Airfield, and that the club had a very enjoyable day visiting her some time ago. Wellesbourne Airfield is now under threat from developers (as are many other airfields around the country) and there is a Crowdfunder page to raise money to appeal a recent court decision.
Please visit the page HERE and read what it’s all about. If you feel willing and able please donate to the cause.
This is a link to the Airfield’s own website, lots of interesting stuff: CLICK HERE
And this is the link to the Vulcan XM655 website: VULCAN
If you’d like to help save the airfield, even if you don’t wish to donate, please support the airfield by signing any petitions you find on the sites and leave comments as appropriate.

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