Blackbushe Saturday 17th May 2014

Apologies for not getting to write this up earlier, work commitments and a 2 weeks holiday.. any excuse.
Well as forcast the weather was great for the Blackbushe show this year, infact it was the best weather for the last few years.
Kindly, Steve 1066 drove again, we were tailed by Tony Neal coming into Hook, and we all ended up piling into Tescos enroute for some afternoon supplies.
We arrived before 9:30, and as Steve had some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket we headed off to the Bring and Buy stalls, Steve ended up purchasing a second hand Hyperion foamie, ready to fly. I had to resist as money reserved for the conversion to 2.4Ghz, …. more receivers required.
The flying Schedule was started as in previous years by Steve Carr. This year flying his 60% Extra 260. Unfortunately it was not a good start to the show, after a short flight the model experienced some wing flutter and ended up crashing heavily.
For the whole flight see
Steve on his way to investigate the damage
Next up was Steve Prideaux flying his BVM Super Bandit. Steve flew yet another superb routine, fast low knife edge passes at the usual 250 mph, amazing. The model is in fantastic condition, it must be 9 years old now and it looks new.
stevep02 stevep03 stevep04
stevep05 stevep06
Steve had a quick chat to us, he said on the following flights the Paritech guys were egging him to go lower.
As Andy mentioned another highlight was Steve Holland flying his giant OV-10 Bronco, 14ft wingspan, built by Tony Nijuis.
sholland01 sholland02 sholland06 sholland07 sholland09 sholland10
Other schedules involved the TJD Models and their warbird formation, Kaos Heli team and the Paritech team flying jets and gliders.  see Schedule Link
bbushe10 bbushe11 bbushe12 bbushe13 bbushe14 bbushe15 bbushe16 bbushe18 bbushe19 bbushe20 bbushe21 bbushe22 bbushe23 bbushe24
bbushe25 bbushe26
I didn’t manage to get a shot of the F3 Pylon racer in flight, I didn’t even try, but here was the landing.
I did get some Hitec Optima receivers to continue the conversion to 2.4Ghz, no great offers though. Also more Nitro go go juice, … keeping the faith. I didn’t see what other members purchased.  
It was a shame that the schedule was not as varied as previous years especially as flying conditions were ideal. 
With no Bishops flying and Ali Machinchy now having left for the US to work for Horizon Hobbies.
Sadly there were a few more incidents,  Mike William’s Krill Extra 330S succumbed to a dead stick while in a low harrier and two Warbirds in the Horizon slot had a mid air. (not my pic)
bbushe30 Midair
There was a battery or esc fire in one helicopter slots and another heli crash just before this. 
The usual suspects
bbushe208 bbushe206
Thanks again to Steve for driving.
more pics
bbushe201 bbushe202 bbushe205 bbushe209 bbushe210 bbushe213bbushe118 bbushe40 bbushe41 bbushe42 bbushe45 bbushe46 bbushe47 bbushe48 bbushe50 bbushe51 bbushe52 bbushe53 bbushe54 bbushe55 bbushe56 bbushe57 bbushe58 bbushe59 bbushe60 bbushe61 bbushe62 bbushe63 bbushe64 bbushe65 bbushe66 bbushe67 bbushe68 bbushe68a bbushe69 bbushe70 bbushe71 bbushe72 bbushe73 bbushe74 bbushe75 bbushe76 bbushe77 bbushe78 bbushe79 bbushe80 bbushe81 bbushe82 bbushe83 bbushe84 bbushe85 bbushe86 bbushe87 bbushe88 bbushe89 bbushe90 bbushe91 bbushe92 bbushe93 bbushe94 bbushe95 bbushe96 bbushe97 bbushe98 bbushe99 bbushe100 bbushe101 bbushe102 bbushe103 bbushe104 bbushe105 bbushe106 bbushe107 bbushe108 bbushe109 bbushe110 bbushe111 bbushe112 bbushe113 bbushe114 bbushe115 bbushe116

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  1. 1066 says:

    Great work Nick, how many rolls of film did you shoot?!!!

  2. Colin Cowplain says:

    Good one Nick, great photos. 🙂

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