Blackbushe Saturday 16th May 2015

The weather held for this years show, although there were the odd spots of rain on the way to Blackbushe the day brightened up nicely, the early strong cross wind gradually dropping as the day progressed….  Schedule
Steve Holland opened the show this year flying his 66% scale Aerokot. Its a 4m span biplane based on a Bucker Jungmeister, with a DA150 petrol engine.
Blackb2015 01 Blackb2015 03 Blackb2015 04 Blackb2015 016Blackb2015 05 Blackb2015 06
Steve flew a nice routine sliding the biplane against the heavy cross winds on slow circuits and on his landing approach.
Following a helicopter slot by the Kaos heli team there was a Mixed Jet slot starting with a Starfighter … (I always think of Colonel Bud Marconi now) an F16, Typhoon and Steve Prideaux with his BVM Bandit.
Blackbushe2015 262 Blackbushe2015 020Blackbushe2015 028 Blackbushe2015 022 Blackbushe2015 041 Blackbushe2015 038Blackbushe2015 035 Blackbushe2015 053
Blackbushe2015 055 Blackbushe2015 061Blackbushe2015 068 Blackbushe2015 070
Next up was Mike Williams flying a 3D solo, see the whole flight here on Youtube
Blackbushe2015 071 Blackbushe2015 083 Blackbushe2015 079 Blackbushe2015 078Blackbushe2015 085 Blackbushe2015 087
Following an absence from Blackbushe last year Steve and Matt Bishop were back, this year flying their Krill model Avanti S jets and this was the first time they had flown together at a show. They demonstrated some interesting manoeuvres with these vectored thrust enabled jets.
Blackbushe2015 072 (Large) Blackbushe2015 315 (Large) Blackbushe2015 314 (Large)  Blackbushe2015 117 (Large)Blackbushe2015 268 (Large) Blackbushe2015 204 (Large) Blackbushe2015 202 (Large) Blackbushe2015 111 (Large) Blackbushe2015 107 (Large) Blackbushe2015 106 (Large) Blackbushe2015 104 (Large) Blackbushe2015 101 (Large) Blackbushe2015 095 (Large)
Another nice return to the show was Ali Machinchy who didn’t fly last year following his move to Horizon Hobbies. Always great to see Ali fly and give informative commentary on his aircraft.
Ali flying his Fox turbine powered glider:-
Blackbushe2015 145 (Large) Blackbushe2015 149 (Large) Blackbushe2015 148 (Large) Blackbushe2015 147 (Large)
Blackbushe2015 230 (Large) Blackbushe2015 232 (Large)Blackbushe2015 233 (Large)
The show had a lot more jets flying this year, no TJD Models flying their Warbirds.
Blackbushe2015 278 (Large) Blackbushe2015 273 (Large) Blackbushe2015 259 (Large) Blackbushe2015 247 (Large) Blackbushe2015 245 (Large) Blackbushe2015 212 (Large) Blackbushe2015 207 (Large) Blackbushe2015 131 (Large) Blackbushe2015 127 (Large) Blackbushe2015 118 (Large)
The only Warbirds that did fly were the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
Blackbushe2015 194 (Large) Blackbushe2015 192 (Large) Blackbushe2015 189 (Large) Blackbushe2015 184 (Large) Blackbushe2015 181 (Large) Blackbushe2015 178 (Large) Blackbushe2015 179 (Large) Blackbushe2015 180 (Large)Blackbushe2015 292 (Large) Blackbushe2015 293 (Large)
The Paritech team from Germany were flying again, great that these guys come over every year and give a great display with their superb aircraft.
Blackbushe2015 206 (Large) Blackbushe2015 269 (Large) Blackbushe2015 283 (Large) Blackbushe2015 286 (Large) Blackbushe2015 287 (Large) Blackbushe2015 288 (Large)Blackbushe2015 223 (Large) Blackbushe2015 221 (Large) Blackbushe2015 219 (Large) Blackbushe2015 135 (Large)
There was another good turn out of PAM members at the show, Woody and Smithy were the big spenders buying a couple of Specktrum DX6’s.
Blackbushe2015 133 (Large) Blackbushe2015 301 (Large)
Looks like Andy’s trying to get Woody to by the ice creams again, guess his wallets in there somewhere.
Blackbushe2015 217 (Large)
Thanks again to Steve 1066 for driving, he went home this year with nearly all his birthday money still
More pics
Blackbushe2015 119 (Large) Blackbushe2015 154 (Large) Blackbushe2015 158 (Large) Blackbushe2015 159 (Large) Blackbushe2015 160 (Large) Blackbushe2015 161 (Large) Blackbushe2015 164 (Large) Blackbushe2015 165 (Large) Blackbushe2015 166 (Large) Blackbushe2015 167 (Large) Blackbushe2015 220 (Large) Blackbushe2015 224 (Large) Blackbushe2015 225 (Large) Blackbushe2015 304 (Large) Blackbushe2015 305 (Large) Blackbushe2015 308 (Large) Blackbushe2015 310 (Large) Blackbushe2015 311 (Large) Blackbushe2015 312 (Large) Blackbushe2015 313 (Large)

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  1. Colin Cowplain says:

    Great report and photos, thanks DoughBoy 🙂

  2. 1066 says:

    Great work Doughboy.

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