Delta Challenge 2015 – Judging and Flights

Here are the rules for the inaugural P.A.M. Delta challenge.
(1)  All Delta’s must be built with the dimensions supplied below and must be a flat plate wing, i.e no wing section.
(2)  All other design details, Fins, Fuselage, Control Surface size, Motor size, Prop position, building materials etc are at the builders discretion.
(3)  Delta’s must be built in private and can not be revealed before a designated club meeting. Then all models will be test flown on the following Sunday.
I really hope a lot of us have a go, it will be interesting to see what is produced and how well they fly.
There are a lot of things to consider, like the building material, Balsa allows a good finish, and will be light, but could break easily on that first unknown flight. Correx will be heavier and possibly look rubbish but will be much more robust for those early flights.
All models that are produced will be judged by those present and a small prize will be awarded to the winning builder.
Delta’s must not exceed the following dimensions:-
Good Luck
Designated judging date is at the club meeting on Thursday 10th September
with flight tests to be carried out on the following Sunday 13th September.

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11 Responses to Delta Challenge 2015 – Judging and Flights

  1. 1066 says:

    HI All
    last chance for correx, I will be ordering this week, Steve.

  2. Capt Slow says:

    Question: does the 19 inches include the control surfaces?

  3. 1066 says:

    Yes Cap, everything, except the fuz has to be within the dimensions given.

  4. 1066 says:

    OK ,It seems that the very basic instructions are causing a huge amount of confusion, so I will try to clarify. (1) the clue is in the name DELTA CHALLENGE, so no tail planes or canards. (2) There is only one size of wing 30″ x 19″ with 6.5″ tips,and 3″ wide at the nose, easy!!

  5. 1066 says:

    I am trying to come up with some prize categories, so far I have,
    (1) Least effort.
    (2) Most creative.
    (3) Best built.
    (4) Best decorated.
    (5) Why did you bother.
    Any other suggestions please. Thanks

  6. stanley knife says:

    HI, I have a 88amp hour leisure battery that I have no use for as I have a power supply for my charger. if anybody is interested I want 8 quid for it. top condition.

  7. 1066 says:

    Stanley, I’m not sure if the Delta has the wing area to lift it !!!

  8. stanley knife says:

    1066. static power testing!

  9. Dan bennett says:

    having good fun with this. made it all and went to balance the battery only to find that a 2200 battery was too small. it balanced with 5000mah but the thing weights a ton!
    i think i have a smaller motor somewhere that might work but i dont think it will have enough steam in it
    i have started redrawing a new design that is more balanced. i will start cutting that if i cant find the motor!
    hope others are having just as much fun as me!

  10. Colin Cowplain says:

    Dan, several people has said the C of G position stated on the drawing is wrong and it should be between 8.5″ & 9″. There are several calculators on the internet, Stanley Knife has given a link to one in the Comments section of the latest Patch News.

  11. Dougal Entendre says:

    Can I suggest a category for which one flies the best? Or the fastest? (or indeed at all!).

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