Next meeting Thurs 28th Nov – IMPORTANT – IT’S SUBS NIGHT – Buriton Village Hall

The next meeting is on Thursday 31st October and it’s an Official meeting so will be held at Buriton Village Hall.
This is an important meeting as it’s Subs Night and, due to the recent CAA rules, there are significant changes.  All members should have received an email from our treasurer Nick Squire detailing the changes.

To summarise:
PAM Senior  £58.00
BMFA   £38.00
CAA Registration  £9.00
Reward Card £3.50
Members who do not pay for CAA registration will not be allowed to fly models weighing more than 250g (unless control line models) after January 31st 2020 at the Club Patch or at any event organised by the Club.
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