IMPORTANT: NEW LINK for the Gov. Consultation for Drones

Cliff Whittaker (Head, Aircraft Performance at ESDU, IHS) has pointed out that there’s a link to a later BMFA page than the one I previously used. The new page has guidance for responding to the consultation, PLEASE RESPOND before 17th September! As Cliff says ‘There is power in numbers’
Last month the UK Government published their consultation ‘Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK’. Although this is primarily aimed at drones it inevitably encompasses all unmanned aircraft.  There is a dedicated section relating to model flying which refers to the ongoing negotiations between the DfT/CAA and the BMFA, SAA, LMA & FPVUK. Please click HERE to be taken to the BMFA page about it. Their page has a link to the consultation and the BMFA encourages all members to participate in the consultation.

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