Club update April 2012

Thanks to Andy P (Colin Cowplain) for once again stepping into the breach and producing another great report for March. There is a noticeable difference between our style’s, apart from grammar and spelling, his reports use a lot more factual content and technical specification , I.E model, motor, E.S.C., lipo pack , E.T.C,  being used, the unkind amongst us would call them   Nerdy reports for the electric anoraks.
Now that I have been outed, I am free to talk about my developing illness, you may have noticed I have been flying a couple of foam electric models recently ,or as Colin would say , a Wot 4 foam -e with 25 amp speed controller, 2812 /12 1100 kv motor, 3 s 11.1 volt 2200mah lipo, turning a 11 x8 prop,  and  a ST models blaze, with ditto setup. I have now added a ST models MX2 which, in my mind, is fitted with a  foo foo amp speed controller,  oppa loopa kv motor, little servo’s, 3s lipo (apparently that’s a battery) All of which were  fitted by a child in china who must know about Watts because the plane has plenty of power.
The next symptom of the illness is to crave a 2.4 ghz radio, tony neil will confirm he has spent some time as my councilor on the subject, the outcome of these discussions is that  the 35 mhz form of terretz, the glitch, can be  terminal on electric models, so a 2.4 will be essential if I  get the full blown disease, and buy  a hair dryer.
As the month has progressed I have continued to deteriorate, I have sold my IC sundowner, super chip monk, the  whizz ( bye bye Noddy I will miss you ) and one of my 35mhz transmitters, I have bought a black horse electric sukoi and a ripmax electric mustang for the raffle.
Due to unsettled weather flying has been limited this month, but some things are as reliable as the sun rising in the morning , EDF jets made from EPO , crash, they crash a lot, combine this with  mick owning one, and trying to launch it the result was not a suprise, in golfing terms I think he was suffering from a continuing slice, in an attempt to compensate, the resulting hook was so bad, even the godfather of E.D.F at P.A.M could not conjure up a save.
By the time I write again Blackbush will have come and gone, so if any members see me hanging around the southern model craft stand, or sniffing a just run engine on the flight line , show some compassion and remember I am going through a traumatic time.
All the best
William Watts

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10 Responses to Club update April 2012

  1. Colin Cowplain says:

    I just looked up Nerd and as I’m certainly not ‘overly intellectual’ so that just leaves ‘socially impaired’…yup,fair enough…
    EDF jets don’t crash a lot, it’s just that some pilots aren’t quite up to them!
    The switch to 2.4 def makes sense, especially with electric, welcome to the Dark Side 🙂

  2. Smiffy says:

    Good ‘ole Bill may be turning to the Dark Side but he’ll always be a loud, dirty, smelly, hot gasser in my heart!

  3. Colin Cowplain says:

    Yes Smiffy but we were talking about flying models 😉

  4. 1066 says:

    Don’t hold back Colin ,lets name them, Wobbly wiltshire, Smash em Smiffy, Nobbler Niel, Hapless Harper, Muck it up Monty, Blame the launch C.C.

  5. Colin Cowplain says:

    And Wheeless William Watts 🙂

  6. Smiffy says:

    Wonky Wiltshire … not Wobbly 😀 he’s not a Gomboc!

  7. Monty says:

    Given the right conditions I can crash anything lol

  8. Colin Cowplain says:

    The usual condition being called ‘gravity’!

  9. monty says:

    put some 4″ foam wheels on the MX2 1066, you shouldn’t have any more problems, bigger is better with wheels and with the 4″ers it should be a real head turner 🙂

  10. viv burgess says:

    Help , i must have caught somthing ,foaming at the site!

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