Club raffles – Volunteer wanted!

Many of you will know that Steve no longer wants to run the raffle at club meetings.  This means we are looking for a volunteer to take over the task, sadly if nobody is willing to do it there will be no more raffles at the meetings. Steve has sent the following email to all members:

Hi all,

As you may, or may not know, I have decided to give up the club raffle duties, all of the small raffle stock has gone, and if no one takes it on there will be no new Membership raffle, however we do have 2 large raffle prizes left.
We have one more meeting before the AGM, my proposal is to sell tickets at both meetings, just for the large raffle. Most of you would spend £2.50 on club nights, so this will be the cost per ticket, at this price we should recoup the cost of at least the most expensive kit, especially as this includes the AGM, which should see a high attendance.
The major prize will be the 2.4 meter ASW, similar to the one I have been flying this summer , which cost about £100.00, the tickets will also, automatically enter you into the second free raffle.
I hope all who have supported the raffle for many years will join in so we can recoup the money spent, so don’t forget to fill your pockets with lots of change.
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